Stacker Reclaimer

Stacker/Reclaimers are stacker and reclaimer combined in one machine with bucket wheel boom. The minimization of the total number of machines on a stockyard as well as the reduction of conveyors and trails constitute a great advantage of the stacker/reclaimer.

models :

For special operations ALEX supplies stacker/reclaimers with boom lengths up to 80 metres.

  • Reclaimers with bucket wheel boom.
  • Bridge type reclaimers with bucket wheel.
  • Drum Reclaimer.
  • Portal scraper reclaimer.
  • Side scraper reclaimer.
  • Bridge type scraper reclaimer.


As a large-scale bulk material handling device at home and abroad currently, Bucket-wheel stacker reclaimer is widely used for material storage and conveying system in electric power, building material, chemical industry, mines, wharfs, coals, grains etc. by its advanced technologies and high level of program control.